Dear Dharma Friends

This is a brief communiqué to bring your attentions to our temple activities. As you may know, we have a small congregation of about 30 core families that support our temple locally. We are blessed to have Bhante Seelawimala as our patron. Bhante has been instrumental in getting the support of his devoted followers to help sustain our temple. Many of you have been supporting the temple to best of your abilities.

We started our temple about seven years ago, and the beginning was humble. Now we are on the verge of blossoming into the next stage of expansion, where we hope to move into a facility that has much higher scope to do the things we would like to do at our new temple premises.

I encourage you to keep your utmost vigilance and support so that all of us succeed as a group. As supports of the temple we all may have to sacrifice a little of our hard earned money to make this a success, an investment to foster our treasured cultural and religious practices. As a culture that has a long tradition of intellectual discourse, I encourage you to communicate with Bhantes and the Dayaka Committees often, so that we develop a cohesive program. Please feel free to pose question, requests, concerns, etc through this website. Also please feel free to contact any of the monks or dayaka sabah members for any questions or comments. Thank you very much. Wish you the blessings of the Triple Gem.

In Metta,
Parakrama Gurusinghe, Ph. D.
President, Dayaka Sbah (Temple Congregation)