Currently ABS Temple & Meditation Center provides numerous services to the public with difficulty because our building is old and structurally in poor condition. Besides this drawback, our facility also has a severe space limitation. Nevertheless, the services that we provide include adult programs, children programs, family services, community outreach programs, social welfare programs and hosting religious and cultural events. Meditation classes, practice sessions and retreats, Dharma classes and discussions, and public lectures are the cornerstones of adult programs. Children’s programs include weekly Dharma school and special retreats for children.

All our current programs are conducted in buildings that occupy only 5% of the one-acre property. With the intention of developing our property into a full-fledged Temple and Meditation Center by replacing the old building with a new one, we applied and received the conditional Use Permit from the City of West Sacramento. This is a great step forward for servicing the public by improving the existing programs and adding new programs.

Presently the ABS Temple operates in two small buildings: (1) the main house (1,300 sq. ft) that is being used as the Monk’s living area, but also used for many other activities in serving the community, and (2) the Buddha-Meditation Hall (783 sq. ft.). In contrast, the new building consists of two floors, where the first floor (6,245 sq. ft) includes the Buddha-Meditation hall, a multi-purpose hall, reception area and lobby, classrooms, kitchen, public restrooms and veranda. The second floor (1,990 sq. ft.) is the monks’ residence. The estimated cost of the building, the parking lot, and landscaping is approximately $2.5 million, which includes the cost to comply with all code requirements necessary for a public assembly building.

Building a temple is an immense service for society, as it will bring peace and happiness to an endless number of people for many decades, and it is a rare opportunity for you to participate, especially in a country like the USA, where the Buddha’s Teachings are not easily available. Additionally, from a Buddhist point of view, it is one of the highest meritorious deeds and will bring merit in epic proportions to you and your family, in this life and many future lives, until you attain Nibbana.

Our goal is to complete the new ABS Temple and Meditation Center by the 25th anniversary of the current ABS Temple, which falls in the year 2021. To accomplish our goal, we need your generous support.  We already have a donor who has committed to donating matching funds up to one million US dollars. Besides this, we have raised close to half a million US dollars so far, but still we need to raise more funds to complete the ABS Temple and Meditation Center. Our community will greatly appreciate your generous donation to make this happen, as it will serve many people from all walks of life for many years to come.

Temple Building Project Summary

 What is the estimated total cost?

$ 2.0 – 2.5 million

$ 250/square foot (Include Commercial construction, Fire requirements, and Parking lot etc.)

What is the current financial status?

Funds Raised: $400,388

Expenses: 164,383.00

Available Funds: $236,000

Expecting form a major donor: 1,000,000

If a person wishes to contribute to build 10 sq. feet of the temple

Total Donation would be: $2,500.00 over 3 year period

Donation per day: $2.28 (For comparison Starbucks coffee is around $2.50)

All the donations are federal & State tax deductible

How can you volunteer to raise funds?

  • Donate your expertise, time & energy
  • Organize fundraising events (food fair, garage sale, cultural show, raffles etc.)
  • Help organizers in fundraising activities
  • Contact your family and friends to collect donations
  • Help finding major donors
  • Find matching funds donors 

Need volunteers to:

  • Develop Fundraising ideas
  • Organize Fundraising events
  • Make Fundraising materials (Website, blogs, Flyers, Facebook etc.)
  • Marketing (Take the message to other communities & donors for funds)
  • Communications (Letter writing, Phone calls, Thank you messages etc.)
  • Assist in ABS community meetings


  • Preliminary architectural drawings – Completed
  • Conditional Use Permit from the City of West Sacramento – Completed
  • Demolition of the old structure – Completed
  • Obtain preliminary construction cost estimate – Completed
  • Detailed architectural drawings – Completed
  • Six month long Historic Blessing Ceremony – Completed
  • Soil testing required by the City of West Sacramento – Completed
  • Landscape & water draining system planning by licensed professional as required by the city – Completed
  • Official Groundbreaking Ceremony – Completed
  • Grading property and installing & connecting sewer and electrical lines to main city lines – In progress


You can make a secure on-line donation by clicking on the ‘Donation’ button above. You can also make a pledge to make a donation over a three year period as described below.

ABS Building Fund Pledge Sheet Final